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About Us

Modern Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1972 and has the experience through more than 30 years working in the field of hair care products.

The company range has been formulated by professional in the salon hair care industry with three arrays of product brands “Bealite(Japenese style)” and “Palema(European Style)” to cater for different distributors, OEM and ODM customers needs.

Regarding the Rebonding product, we have experiences since we begun technical cooperation with SAN-EI KAGAKU CO., LTD. in Tokyo, Japan from 1995. Through the technology, Modern Laboratories opened the gate of exportation to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, and Pakistan…over 10 countries.

Modern Laboratories offers a full-set product & technique service by the league named NG Group formed with GM Kosmetik, Compagnia Del Colore and Beauty Service in Italy, Bellezza Capellipte Ltd...etc. Complete communication network helps us to develop advanced technique, extend product knowledge, and provide professional education to satisfy everyone.

Modern Laboratories can be relied on to provide the best possible solution when you look for a company with the competence, imagination, professionalism and ability to create a successful product.

  • 1995-2007

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Cooperated with AII (American International Industrial) (U.S.A.) and produced coloring products in Taiwan

  • 2006 begins

    Cooperated with Chen Hung International Cosmetics (Taiwan) and produced shampoo, conditioner, treatment, perm, and rebonding products for Asia market.

  • 2007 begins

    Cooperated with Italian Group (Italy) and produced reonding products for Asia market.

  • 2009 begins

    Cooperated with GM Kosmetik (Italy) and produced peroxide products for Asia market.

  • 2010 begins

    Cooperated with Scruples (U.S.A.) and produced shampoo, conditioner, perm and rebounding products for Asia market.

  • 2011 begins

    Cooperated with MIK Private Ltd. (Singapore) and produced treatment products for Asia market.

  • 2012 begins

    Cooperated with NG Group International (Italy) and produced peroxide and Rebonding products for Asia market.

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Professional services.


We provide customize private label service for all kind of hair product. please contact with us about the deatail.


If you are looking for the hair product distributor in Asia Pacific, please let us know.

Beauty Training

We can organize hair show / beauty event / education trainng with most top stylist in the world.

NG Group

NG GROUP Universal is an alliance of enterprises with specialisations complementing one another. A network of international expertise focusing on the research, development and production of cutting-edge, highly innovative beauty solutions for the mind, hair and body.

Asia Top Stylist

UBA Top Stylist has teamed up with the great mentor & stylist in UBA and international.
We delivery unique and integrated learning & hair show experience provided by the brilliant stylists and lecturers from the world.
With UBA Top Stylist, you can have the best experience with different specialized area and budget.
Whether you’re an aspiring stylist looking to enhance your experience, or simply want to learn how to improve your personal skill, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Address: No. 19, Da-Tong Street, Tu-Cheng District, New Taipei City 236, Taiwan
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China (Branch Office)

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  • Address: Unit 402 Bldy. B. Time Focus Commercial Center, 168-172 Yuan Jing Rd, GuangZhou City, China